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BioMedica 2016 - Immunology Presentations

Permission has been granted by the speakers to upload the attached presentations from BioMedica 2016. They should not be copied, reproduced or presented without prior permission of the author.

BioMedica 2016 - Clinical Chemistry Presentation

Permission has been granted by the speaker to upload the attached presentation from BioMedica 2016. It should not be copied, reproduced or presented without prior permission of the author.

CPD Journal Club Information - How to?

Journal Club Activities:

The process for gaining CPD points through journal clubs has now been finalised, and thank you for your patience.

The journal club editor will have an attendance sheet available at your event, as attendees are leaving a journal club they sign out with their signature. The editor then draws a line across any empty signature boxes so that no other names can be added and uploads the proof of attendance to a shared drive in your department.

Joint CPD Event - Presentations

On Friday 26th February the first joint CPD event for Medical Scientists, Clinical Biochemists, Biomedical Engineers, Audiologists, Orthoptists, Phlebotomists and Play Therapists took place in the Education Centre in Harold’s Cross. Thank you to all of our speakers who guided us through activities and topics that could be investigated in order to gain quality CPD points.

Thank you to our Chair Emer Halpenny for excellent time management.

Video reminding us to take notice when reflecting:


We are pleased to announce that the newsletters for IFBLS2016 as attached have been sent to the members' associations for International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science.

Also, the same newsletter can be downloaded from the website at

We are looking forward to meeting you in Kobe in August.

Career in Medical Science

Attached Document outlining Career Details for those interested in pursuing a career in Medical Science

National Inventory of Architectural Heritage

National Inventory of Architectural Heritage

We would like to thank The Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht who visited our building in 2014 as part of their survey - National Inventory of Architectural Heritage. We are honoured to have be included. Please follow this link to view their photographs.

EPBS Conference - Dublin

EPBS Conference Dublin October 2014 (video credit Jack Sperin)

EPBS Student Forum (video credit Jack Sperin)

BioMedica 2014 At a Glance

Film produced Jack Sperin

Useful Links Haematology

Haematology Association Ireland

British Society of Haematology : Recent Guidelines and Archives :

UK NEQAS Haematology:

ECAT EQA Haematology:

American Society Of Haematology:

International Committee for Standardisation in Haematology:

Irish EQA Scheme: