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Labcon 2017 - Haematology/Blood Transfusion/Transplantation Sessions

Permission has been granted by the speakers to upload the attached presentations from LabCon 2017. They should not be copied, reproduced or presented without prior permission of the author.

Labcon 2017 - Clinical Chemistry Sessions

Permission has been granted by the speakers to upload the attached presentations from LabCon 2017. They should not be copied, reproduced or presented without prior permission of the author.

Haematology Advisory Body Annual Report 2016

Attached Annual Report from the Academy Haematology Advisory Body

CORU Launches Five Year Strategy to Deliver Sustainable Model of Regulation

Professor Bernard McCartan, Chair of the Health and Social Care Professionals Council said; “The level of accountability and transparency demanded of healthcare professionals by service users and the public has increased significantly in the years since CORU’s establishment. Health and Social Care Professionals are increasingly challenged in relation to their integrity and actions, whether by a service user, a member of the public or by a fellow professional.  As a consequence, the demand for Independent Regulation – whether from the public or from the professions themselves, continues to incr

Appointment of Medical Scientists Board for State Registration

The Medical Scientists Board for State Registration has just been appointed by the Minister for Health, Simon Harris TD. The first meeting of the Board was held in November 30th, 2016. The ACSLM will endeavour to assist and advise all our members through this process. We will be providing up-to-date information through social media, our website and Converse. For more information please follow this link:

Haematology Education Resources, Research and CPD

Submitted by the Haematology Advisory Body.

Haematology Educational Resources, Research and CPD

Morphology, Bone Marrow Examination:

Case Studies and Practical Haemostasis:

ASH Case Studies in General Haematology/Haematology-Oncology:

Haematology Advisory Body News Update

Courses and Events:

• Basic Morphology Course:

DIT Kevin St, March-April 2017, dates to be finalised. Updates will be posted on this website.


• The HAG is currently formulating a guideline, based on best international practice, for verification and validation of new test methods and instrumentation. Said guideline will be submitted to the CAB for approval. The aim is to have a national approved guideline to allow for inter-laboratory consistency, to avoid confusion and unnecessary work when implanting new methods/instruments.

HSCP Research Conference 2016 - Submission by Dympna Looby

HSCP Research Conference 2016

Medical Scientist Dympna Looby from The Children's University Hospital, Temple Street, Dublin pictured along side her poster submission to the recent Research Conference which was held in Dublin Castle. Many Congratulations and well done on your poster.

The Theme was Improving Health - Research Driving Innovations in Healthcare.

Congratulations PanCeltic Winners 2016

Congratulations PanCeltic Winners 2016

Pictured - Helen Barry, Lisa Rose, Celene Herra, Suzanne Putney (Best Overall Oral) Gillian Garvey ( Runner -Up), Irene Regan

CPD Scientific Education Development

Clinical Governance Talk - Maureen Flynn

Attached please find presentations from our event which took place on the 24th September 2016 in Dublin Institute of Technology. We would ask that you do not represent these presentations without prior permission from the author.

Career options in Medical/Clinical Science and what we need to get there
This session was chaired by John Quigley.

Towards Scientific/Clinical Consultancy/FRCPath: Irene Regan President ACSLM
The Laboratory Manager: Brendan O’ Reilly, CUH
Developing a Career in Research and Education: Dr. Brigid Lucey, CIT