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Effects of Brexit relating to Applications for Registration and Recognition at CORU

CORU has a policy of applying the same systems and processes for recognition of international qualifications, and for registration, to all applicants regardless of whether they are covered by relevant EU legislation or not.

For this reason, in the event of a disorderly withdrawal from the European Union by the United Kingdom, UK based or UK qualified applicants should not be significantly affected, although certain rights will be impacted.

The timeframes which normally apply to decision making (with regard to qualifications recognition and registration) may be impacted in the event of a disorderly withdrawal as certain EU based support mechanisms for the exchange of information will no longer be available. Some applicants may be contacted to provide updated documents from UK Authorities that were previously available through those intra-EU systems.

Individuals seeking recognition of physiotherapy qualifications undertaken in the UK who have applied using the European Professional Card (EPC) system should be aware that the UK will lose access to the EPC application system in the event of a disorderly withdrawal.

If you have queries in relation to your application please contact or as appropriate.