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To work as a Medical Scientist, you must be eligible for membership of the Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine

The Academy is the designated authority in Ireland for review of education and training for eligibility to practise as a Medical Scientist. If you have completed an ACSLM-accredited programme, you can apply for eligibility on Form M1, Medical Scientists from outside of Ireland should apply on Form M2. (see below)

Towards the end of 2018 the medical science profession will advance towards statutory registration for medical scientists. CORU will take over the monitoring of qualifications and experience of candidates wishing to enter the profession in Ireland. Meanwhile, the Academy remains the competent authority for eligibility to practice as a Medical Scientist in a clinical laboratory in the Republic of Ireland.

The following QQI level 8 undergraduate programmes are ACSLM-approved for eligibility to practice as a Medical Scientist in Ireland:

Degree in Biomedical Science with Diploma in Clinical Placement (CIT/UCC)
Degree in Biomedical Science (DIT)
Degree in Medical Science (GMIT)

•Graduates of these programmes should apply for Eligibility to Practice/ Membership using Form M1.

•Graduates with international qualifications in Biomedical Science/Medical Laboratory Science, equivalent to the ACSLM-approved degrees (level 8, National Framework of Qualifications/QQI), with completed appropriate Clinical Placement, should apply for Eligibility to Practice/ Eligibility for Membership using Form M2.

•If you are a Clinical Scientist or Clinical Biochemist, with minimum two years’ experience, employed as a Scientist in a Diagnostic Clinical Laboratory, you may apply for Eligibility for Membership using Form M6.

Upgrade to Fellowship

If you are a current member, you have the opportunity to submit an application for an Upgrade to Fellowship of the Academy (FACSLM). Candidates who have accumulated a minimum of two years membership up to the end of 2017 or are current members for over 12 months and have appropriate post-graduate qualification, and relevant medical science experience may apply. Fellowship or eligibility for fellowship along with four years post graduate experience in a clinical laboratory is required to apply for senior medical scientists posts.

Student membership

Form M5.
Fulltime students from DIT, CIT/UCC and GMIT undertaking BSc in Biomedical Science may apply for student membership free of charge.