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Preschedule of Events 2018: Save the Date - Plan - Ask for time Off - Don't miss out!

2 January, 2018 - 10:00 - 21 December, 2018 - 16:00
Various Locations in Ireland

From mid to late January booking will open for 19 events that will take place in 2018. Attached list of proposed events, dates and venues - all are subject to change and are in draft format.

1. Deferred: Rescheduled date to be confirmed: Cork University Hospital. TTSAB Advisory Body: Workshop – ‘What’s In The Bag?’
2. Friday 19th January: Cork: Clinical Chemistry: Uncertainty of Measurement - Booking open through CPD tab above
3. Friday 23rd February: Dublin: Joint CPD Event: Research, Data Protection, Mindfulness
4. Friday 28th February: Kilkenny: Mindfulness/self-care - Interdisciplinary
5. Thursday 8th March Dublin: Presentation Skills – Interdisciplinary
6. Friday 9th March Dublin: To be confirmed ‘Trauma’ TTSAB and Haematology Event
7. Thurs 22nd Fri 23rd March: Dublin: Healthcare and the Law: Interdisciplinary
8. Friday 22nd Saturday 24th March: Academy AGM
9. Tues 24th Wed 25th April RDS Dublin: BioMedica 2018
10. Thursday 19th April: Sligo: Presentation Skills – Interdisciplinary
11. Monday 14th May Dublin to be confirmed: Returning from Maternity Leave
12. Wednesday 16th May Kilkenny: Team Building – Interdisciplinary
13. Thurs 24th Fri 25th May: Dublin: Healthcare and the Law: Interdisciplinary
14. Thurs 14th June Cork: Interdisciplinary Self Care - Mindfulness
15. June: Galway: Date to be confirmed: Interdisciplinary Reflective Practice Workshop
16. September Dublin: Laboratory Managers & Chief Medical Scientists Event
17. Wed 19th Sept: Dublin: Mindfulness/self care, compassion fatigue - Interdisciplinary
18. Sept/May: Cork/Dublin: Joint Surveillance Seminar: Immunology, Microbiology, Virology
19. Thurs 24th Fri 25th October: Dublin Healthcare and the Law: Interdisciplinary

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