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Parasitology Workshop May 2016 - Cork Institute of Technology
Parasitology Workshop May 2016 - Cork Institute of Technology

The Haematology advisory body (HAB), in common with the other advisory bodies, plays a vital role in the overall function of the Academy. The members of the body are based in hospitals throughout Ireland and organise programmes of one day meetings, seminars, training courses and national meeting lectures relevant to the field of laboratory haematology. They also research and prepare topics for the Continuous Professional Development programme. This work helps ensure that all the members are kept up to date with developments in their areas of expertise. In addition, the HAB keeps Council apprised of new developments and participates in preparation of guidelines for best practice.

The HAB recently organised a seminar and workshop in laboratory diagnosis and monitoring of haematological malignancy, a training course on Haemoglobinopathies, and several one-day training courses in blood-cell morphology.


Norma Reidy, (Chair) Cork University Hospital

Laura Halligan, Midland Regional Hospital, Mullingar

Carol Lenihan, University Hospital, Limerick

Sean Leonard, Mayo University Hospital

Carol Elstead, University Hospital Waterford

Irene Regan, Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin, Dublin

Claire Wynne, Dublin Institute of Technology

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